Giuseppe aka Joe, had a managerial role for 16 years. After which he was in the banking industry for two decades. He also worked for half a decade in BCB Community Bank as a Cluster Bank Manager and a Business Development officer.


At the moment, Joe wants to explore the world of the Real Estate Industry to help people find their first home or to find a great investment, as creating profitable business is one of his expertise.


After gaining years of experience with these positions appointed to him, he grew the passion of building businesses and personal banking relationships. He was able to manage a staff of 15 in two branches and is responsible for the growth of the Staten Island Branches along with managing the day to day operational duties.


Giuseppe “Joe” Lentini, a gentleman who was born in Italy and raised in Brooklyn moved to Staten Island in 2001. He took Finance at Pace University. Language won’t be a barrier for this milton-lingual guy. Mr. Lentini is fluent in Italian, can also speak English, Spanish and is in the process of learning Russian.


The Salmon Real Estate Team takes pride with its members because not only do they sell houses turning them into loving homes, they take a great role in the Community. Giuseppe is a proud member of the North Shore Rotary Club of Staten Island.